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Fertile Ground is the UK’s only professional dance company dedicated to the professional development of emerging dance artists from the North East.

• We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to experience dance and pursue a career in dance regardless of their socio-economic background or the place where they live. 

• We value creativity, commitment, respect and the opportunity for everyone to realise their dreams and potential.

• We promise to support with our full commitment young people pursue their aspirations and dreams in dance and to work relentlessly and passionately to inspire people to unleash their creativity.  

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Fertile Ground's Artistic Director Renaud Wiser
Four dancers rehearsing for Play, Pause, Repeat
A dancer's silhouette. The dancer's body is made up of a colourful paint splattered effect.

Our Board

Niamh Cunningham - Trustee

Jennifer Curry - Trustee

Camille De Groote - Trustee

Dora Frankel - Artistic Director Emeritus

Liz Highmore - Acting Chair
Sue Hurrell - Trustee

Lisa-Marie Tonelli - Trustee

Ann Schofield - Trustee

Meet the Team


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